Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Graveyard Walkthrough

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a kawaii yet somewhat dark video game, developed by Snoozy Kazoo, that tells the story of a rather rebellious turnip that commits tax evasion and uncovers a malicious veggie government conspiracy, but Turnip Boy must brave the haunted graveyard and its puzzles to uncover the whole truth!

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The graveyard opens up after Mayor Onion commands Turnip Boy to fetch him a laser pointer located within the bunker in the Forgotten Forest. Upon reaching the bunker door, Turnip Boy finds that Mayor Onion’s goons can’t open the hatch and suggest that Turnip Boy visits Tots to see if he has a tool (shovel) to break it open. Alas, Tots says that he is unwilling to give up his shovel unless Turnip Boy helps him find the treasure buried deep within the graveyard. Turnip Boy then follows Tots into the foggy, spooky graveyard in search of the buried treasure.

Turnip Boy Graveyard Walkthrough

The graveyard level in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is fairly simple and can be completed with a bit of trial and error. But, if you’re a “get this level done right the first time” type of person, then you’re in luck! This handy graveyard puzzle walkthrough will help you get this level done in no time ๐Ÿ˜Ž

If you prefer a video version for walkthroughs, wolftooth has a great walkthrough (without commentary) showing each step. For limited spoilers for the other parts of the game, I would start at 1:00:52 and end at 1:14:00.

As you’re traversing the graveyard, the biggest challenge that Turnip Boy overcomes is the Zelda-like concept that if you take the wrong turn–you will get lost and be teleported back to the entrance of the graveyard. Ghosts can also appear after digging up certain graves, but they can be skewered with a single stab of Turnip Boy’s wooden sword.

Step One: Go North

Once you enter the forest and talk to Tots, he will tell you to talk to the Pumpkin in the center of the map. This pumpkin will then give you a not-so-difficult riddle.

“Go to where the trees rot, or you’ll return to the bot…”


This refers to the pair of hollowed-out trees flanking the path up north. As long as you take this path, you won’t get lost in the fog.

Step Two: Go West

In this next area, you’ll need to dig up the innermost grave in the left corner of the map. This will uncover a flower bomb that you can water and kick at the other bomb flower covered by a rock. This will uncover the second bomb flower. Water the second bomb flower and then kick it south to unblock the layer of rocks between you and the pumpkin. This pumpkin will then tell you:

“The direction to go that’s the best, well… rhymes with best.”

The Pumpkin is of course referring to the word “West”, so you’ll go west!

Step Three: Go North

Go to the bottom left set of graves and dig up the furthest most grave. This will make another Pumpkin appear!

“Unless you want to join me below, seek the truth where it’s yellow.”

A little darker than the rest, this Pumpkin is referring to the set of yellow flowers on either side of the northern pathway. Hence, you need to go north!

Step Four: Go East

This next area takes a couple more steps than normal. In this level, Pumpkin tells you to go where they can’t see you.

“If you want to be right, you better get out of my sight.”

Okay, first off, rude. What did Turnip Boy ever do to you, Pumpkin? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Unfortunately, the paths where he can’t see you are blocked by a fence. To get past the fence, you’ll need to use your Potted Petalportal.

Water the teleport plant through the fence and use your Potted Petalportal gadget to create 2 synced portals to travel through the fence. From here, it appears that you can either take the northern route or the eastern route, both of which are out of sight of the pumpkin. Since there are no hints as to which pathway to choose, selecting the right direction is a flip of a coin. But, I’m here to tell you–that you need to go East! BUT, there’s a gap in the road we need to fix. To fix this, you need to water the cubed plant located in the right-most grave. Create your portals and move the cube through the portals to the other side of the fence to fill in the gap in the road.

Step Five: Go North

This level of the graveyard is the most confusing and may cause most to give up and find the right pathway by trial and error 9 (aka me). This graveyard area presents you with 6 different Pumpkins, all of which tell you to go a specific direction and that a nearby Pumpkin is either lying or telling the truth.

“You should go west! Also, the pumpkin on my right is lying.”

This riddle has to do with the process of elimination and a bit of logical reasoning. But if you’re reading this, you probably don’t have time for such things ๐Ÿ˜‹ Skip the hassle and just go north!

Step Six: The Golden Shovel

Tada! You reached the end of the graveyard! Dig up the center grave, uncovering a golden shovel. Then talk to Tots, who will give you his old Shovel in return for your help.

You’re Done!

Take the Shovel you got from Tots and use it to break open the bunker hatch. That about sums it up for my Turnip Boy graveyard walkthrough.

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