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Finished Stardew Valley? Think again!

Stardew Valley has made an impression on the gaming community with its farming mechanics, cute art, and surprisingly complex plotline. As soon as I got this game on the Switch, I fell in love with the characters and cute squishy green monsters.

After completing the “main” quest of Stardew Valley–the Community Center–around the middle of last year. It felt great to finally get that last evasive fish in the middle of Winter. This took me about 2 in-game years after multiple save files–a pretty decently sized game.

However, after completing the main storyline and bonus quest, I was at a loss.

What is there to do in Stardew Valley after finishing the Community Center?

6 Things To Do After You Beat The Community Center

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After finishing the community center, I’ve found that there are plenty of other things to do in Stardew Valley after completing the Community Center. Here are some of the ways that you can get the most out of the game:

1) Try Out The Latest Content Update

ConcernedApe is constantly updating and adding to Stardew Valley with content patches (and they are all free!). Previous content patches have included significant add-ons to end-game content, extra gameplay options such as customized clothing, multiplayer capabilities and more. If you have taken an extended break from Stardew Valley, I would definitely recommend reading up on the most recent content patches/updates on the Stardew Valley blog.

2) Get to Level 100 of Skull Cavern

Skull Cavern is a notoriously difficult part of Stardew Valley–it’s The Mines on steroids. You thought the red bats were annoying–just wait till you starting seeing flying green dragons ? Challenge yourself to reach level 100 or even further!

3) Complete All The Achievements

Even after playing 120 hours on PC and more than 130 hours on the Switch, I am nowhere near close to discovering all the artifacts in the game, reaching 10 hearts with everyone or cooking all the recipes. And, if you’re a completionist like me, you don’t feel like you’ve truly completed a game until all the extra achievements are maxed-out ?

4) Befriend Everyone in Pelican Town

This is one of the things that I have personally started to complete. Use the Stardew Valley Wiki for a quick, intuitive List of All Gifts, including everyone’s favorite foods, and start gifting. Not only should this help you complete all the achievements, but it’s super fun to see everyone’s heart events ?.

5) Create the Perfect Farm

I am a sucker for aesthetic farms, so creating the perfect farm is also on my to-do list. You can collect all the animals available (including the more rare animals such as the blue chicken, dinosaur or void chicken), create a beautiful garden of tulips and fairy rose, design a Studio Ghibli inspired farm layout–the possibilities are literally endless!

6) Mix Things Up with Stardew Valley Mods

If you have completed all of that the vanilla game has to offer, there is a great mods community on Nexus Mods. Fans of Stardew Valley have created reshades, portrait upgrades, content patches, new animals and more!

Here are some of my all-time favorites Stardew Valley mods:


There is so much to complete, discover, and do in Stardew Valley. ConcernedApe has made sure to supply extra content to keep his followers interested in an already attention-grasping game. I recommend that anyone who has completed the main storyline try at least a couple of these endgame goals.

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