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MCCC: My Go-To Settings to Create Story Progression

MCCC stands for Master Controller Command Center, one of the more popular script mods for The Sims 4 which allows more detailed control over the game. This Sims 4 story progression mod enhances gameplay by offering access to functions such as autonomous proposal, customizable rates of aging, and break-up settings to add a bit of drama and realism (things that are often lacking in Sims 4 vs Sims 3).

While MCCC can provide detailed customization to The Sims 4, its setting options and menus are a bit on the complicated side. But, after some research and a bit of trial-and-error, I found a good setting pattern for MCCC that works with my gameplay style to create simulated story progression.

To help other simmers out there that took one look at the limitless amount of settings and said “NOPE”, I have provided a set of easy-to-follow directions to get you started. 😄

Never downloaded mods before? For a step-by-step walkthrough on how to download script mods, such as MCCC, stop by How to Download Mods for The Sims 4 to get your game prepped for downloading mods.

itsmeTroi also has an amazing step-by-step video for installing MC Command Center 🎥

Now. Once everything is downloaded. Let us get started!

How To Add Story Progression With MCCC

First things first, download the MC Command Center mod on Deaderpool’s website. If it doesn’t show up in your game after installation, you may need a bit of MCCC troubleshooting.

Once you’ve confirmed that the mod is working (a welcome message should pop up under notifications), it’s time to start customizing! Since story progression isn’t a direct option in MCCC, we’ll be combining a few different settings to simulate it. Of course, these settings are based on my own preferred gameplay style, so feel free to mix them up a bit and experiment!

After entering live mode, click on your sims computer, and follow these steps:

MC Command Center –> MCCC Settings… –> Relationship Settings –> Friendship Decay Percentage/Romantic Decay Percentage

  • Change this from 100 to 80 if you want easier friendship building. 💖 This is my favorite setting to adjust.

MC Command Center –> MCCC Settings… –> Breakup Settings –> Couple Relationship Change Percent

  • Change from 0 to 20 for some relationship drama!

MC Command Center –> MCCC Settings… –> Breakup Settings –> Spouse Relationship Change Percent

  • Change from 0 to 20 for some marital discourse every now and then.

MC Command Center –> MCCC Settings… –> Breakup Settings –> Breakup Move-Out Sim

  • Change to “Move-out Random Sim”. If sims breakup or divorce, this setting will randomly choose a sim to move out.

MC Command Center –> MCCC Settings… –> Breakup Settings –> Move Children with Breakup

  • Change from 0 to 50, just another way to create variety. This will create variety in which parent a child sim will live after a breakup.

MC Command Center –> MCCC Settings… –> Notification/Console/Menu Settings –> Notification Settings

  • This section is up to your personal preference. I turn on “All” for Birth, Marriage, Moving, Death, Age-Up, and Relationship Changes cause I’m nosy 😋 If you’d like fewer notifications, feel free to pick and choose which events you’d like to stay informed on!

MC Command Center –> MC Tuner –> Change Interaction Behavior

  • Enable “Put Away Books Fix” (This is the best thing E.V.E.R.)

MC Command Center –> MCCC Settings… –> Set Age Span Duration

  • This one has a lot of settings that can be a bit confusing. Personally, I go to Reddit for this info. Follow this link here for the settings that work the best for me.

MC Command Center –> MC Career/MC Population/MC Pregnancy

  • These settings are also covered by the same go-to Reddit posting here. These will give you the best settings to create simulated story progression. These sections will determine adoption percentage, population number and what percentage of the sim population should be employed versus unemployed.

MC Command Center –> MC Tuner –> Change Interaction Behavior

  • Enable “Allow Multiple BFFs”. This is just more realistic to me 👭👬👫 This setting will allow your sim to have multiple best friends!

MC Command Center –> MC Tuner –> Change Interaction Autonomy

  • Enable “Autonomous Marriage” and “Autonomous Proposals”. This setting is designed to increase the likelihood that sims will propose and marry other sims of their own volition.

You’re done! As you play, you’ll get a better feel for how these settings affect the gameplay experience and how to personalize them to your own taste. Let me know what MCCC story progression settings you like the most by leaving a comment below! To get updates on more content like this, subscribe to my monthly newsletter!

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