MentalNerd is a cozy blog about video games, inspired by the inevitable boredom after college, an anxious mind, and adoration for video games in general.

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How did MentalNerd come to be?

Between reading and playing video games, these past times have always been my go-to when I’ve needed to decompress, take a break or distract myself from frequent stressors.

In a way, that’s where MentalNerd came from; a mixture of an over-active brain needing stimulation, overwhelming nerdiness, and unwavering love for writing since before I can remember.

MentalNerd is a blog that has seen many versions. The first was purely short stories.

The second was a short-lived blog with little to no direction other than the rose-tinted glasses of a fresh college graduate with no direction.

Each was established with greater focus, developing in purpose as I was and still am. MentalNerd–a blog focused on casual video games, relaxing music, and lots and lots of coffee–is the third iteration. And my favorite of course.

Why casual video games?

Video games have been a huge part of my life for a very long time, but I’ve never thought of myself as a hard-core gamer.

After years of trying different types of games, while high-excitement and action-packed scenarios are excellent in books, I found myself gravitating towards the more engrossing, relaxing, and casual video games.

There is so much to be said about the significance and effect that video games have on us and our mental state. The world around us never stops, but sometimes we, as imperfect yet remarkable beings, need to stop for a period of time.

Just as reading an amazing book, video games can serve as that brief moment of escapism, a period where our anxious thoughts, feelings, and worries subside.

For this reason, video games that are detailed, laid back, and rich in story are my absolute favorite. More often than not, these types of video games are considered to be more on the casual side of the gaming spectrum.

Where did you find such an adorable social illustration?

Well, I will tell you! My good friend @katie_coughlan made the contact page banner illustration and its social avatar variant.