A Pocket Guide to Coffee Talk Recipes

Prep your espresso machines and tea bells everyone because we are about to take a deep dive into the list of all Coffee Talk recipes for coffee, tea, green tea, chocolate, and milk-based drinks that the adorable, pixelated video game has to offer. โ˜• While the love-able characters of Coffee Talk are usually pretty good at giving you hints, some beverage requests leave it up to the player to experiment. 

If you’re like me, you want to serve your favorite character their specialty drink right the first time because you hate seeing game characters sad and disappointed ๐Ÿ˜ญโค So this handy guide is not only for the perfectionist but also for those who have gone through all of their 5 Trash It credits and just need a freebie!

In this handy guide, we’ll first cover Featured Coffee Talk Recipes. These special beverages will have either some type of major impact on the outcome of the character’s story arch, they will be drinks that characters request–but leave it up to the player to decipher.

Then, for those looking to complete all of the achievements–specifically the Master Brewer achievement–all of the Coffee Talk recipes will be listed along with their ingredients.

Now, for those new to Coffee Talk, the order of the ingredients has an impact on the drink that results. For example, if you try creating Gala Had by mixing “Tea, Ginger, Milk” instead of “Tea, Milk, Ginger”, you’ll get an entirely different drink.

In case you’ve stumbled upon this article either frantically looking for a recipe or just simply don’t feel like guessing, I figured that featuring the most important Coffee Talk recipes first would be most helpful.

Gala Had

Gala Had recipe is Tea, Milk and Ginger on the Coffee Talk video game.

Our first and very likely most pertinent of all the Coffee Talk recipes would be Gala Had. This beverage plays an integral part in Gala’s story and is key to attaining the Gala had a fit! achievement. Gala Had is a very warm yet bitter beverage made from Tea, Milk and Ginger (in that order). Give this drink to calm Gala down.


Bedchamber recipe is milk, cinnamon and honey on the Coffee Talk video game.

Perfect for anyone looking for a pleasant night’s sleep, Bedchamber provides warmth and sweetness that will leave you feeling toasty and ready for bed. This Coffee Talk recipe is especially important to the success of Freya’s first draft of her novel. Bedchamber can be made by combining Milk, Cinnamon and Honey once those ingredients have been made available later on in the game. Give this to Freya when she appears exhausted and deserves some rest.


STML recipe is milk, ginger and honey on the Coffee Talk video game.

Combining Milk, Ginger and Honey, results in a rich, frothy beverage called STMJ. According to Coffee Talk’s twitter post, this real-world beverage actually originates from Indonesia and stands for Susu (Milk), Telur (Egg), Madu (Honey) and Jahe (Ginger). STMJ is a special request made by Hendry.

Milky Way

Milky Way recipe is milk, honey and mint on the Coffee Talk video game.

For those of you looking to unlock the secret ending of Coffee Talk, this recipe may be just what you’re looking for. Milky Way is a Coffee Talk recipe that can be created with the following order of ingredients: Milk, Honey and Mint. This unique flavor profile and galactic minty freshness is enough to make anyone feel something (wink, wink ๐Ÿ˜‰). Give this to the mysterious newcomer Neil when they request a beverage to help them feel something.

Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik recipe is tea, tea and milk on the Coffee Talk video game.

A special request from one of our favorite game developers, Myrtle, Teh Tarik is another real-life beverage in the list of Coffee Talk recipes. This warm cup of goodness can be made with combining Tea, Tea and Milk. The result is a perfect blend of warm yet bitter herbal notes mixed with the coolness of cream. This specific recipe comes in handy, since Myrtle does not hint towards the ingredients.

Ultimate Coffee Talk Recipes List

Coffee Talk has a total of 30 recipes to discover. Some beverages you will learn through story progression, but most other recipes will need to be found through trial and error (unless you have this handy guide that will break each recipe down for you, lucky you! ๐Ÿ˜‹). Below are all the featured recipes in Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk – Coffee Recipes

Covering all things coffee-based, from Freya’s fav triple espresso to sugar, spice and everything nice.

Black Lemon

Coffee – Coffee – Lemon

Black Magic

Coffee – Mint – Honey

Cafe Latte

Coffee – Milk – Milk


Coffee – Coffee – Milk


Coffee – Coffee – Coffee

Ginger Latte

Coffee – Ginger – Milk

Jahe Tubruk

Coffee – Coffee – Ginger

Sugar and Spice

Coffee – Honey – Cinnamon

Gingerbread Coffee

Coffee – Ginger – Cinnamon

Coffee Talk – Tea Recipes

For those looking for more of an herbal remedy, Tea mixed with a little bit of spice might be a little more your speed.

Gala Had

Tea – Milk – Ginger

Masala Chai

Tea – Ginger – Cinnamon

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Tea – Lemon – Honey

Russian Tea

Tea – Lemon – Cinnamon

Shai Adeni

Tea – Milk – Cinnamon

Teh Tarik

Tea – Tea – Milk

Coffee Talk – Green Tea Recipes

Need some tea with a swift kick in the pants? Here, take some Green Tea.

Cough Syrup

Green Tea – Lemon – Honey

Green Tea Latte

Green Tea – Milk – Milk


Green Tea – Mint – Mint

Shin Genmaicha

Green Tea – Green Tea – Cinnamon

The Grinch

Green Tea – Ginger – Cinnamon

Coffee Talk – Chocolate Recipes

Ah, chocolatey goodness. What else would anyone else need?

Bitter Heart

Chocolate – Ginger – Cinnamon

Chocobee Miruku

Chocolate – Honey – Milk

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate – Chocolate – Chocolate

Spanish Sahara

Chocolate – Milk – Ginger

Spiced Lady

Chocolate – Milk – Cinnamon

Coffee Talk – Milk Recipes

Okay. Who comes to a coffee shop and asks for just milk anyway?


Milk – Cinnamon – Honey

Le Menthol

Milk – Mint – Lemon

Lemony Snippet

Milk – Honey – Lemon

Milky Way

Milk – Honey – Mint


Milk – Ginger – Honey


And that concludes all the coffees, teas and milk-based drinks for the Coffee Talk video game. ๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜• I hope this Coffee Talk recipes list proves helpful whether you’re struggling to get Gala’s Drink just right or complete all the achievements! Let me know in the comments below what other gaming resources you’d love to see and also make sure to check out my other video gaming blog posts! To get updates on more helpful guides to cozy video games like Coffee Talk, subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

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