10 Best Gaming Snacks to Curb Your Munchies

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A long weekend of cozy video gaming just isn’t the same without a sweet or salty snack to curb your cravings. Whether you’re a fan of comfort foods or healthy alternatives, there are limitless options when it comes to tasty munchies. But what makes the perfect gaming snack?

Should it be controller-friendly finger foods? Does it need a nice crunch or chewy goodness? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll cover some of my personal favorite gaming snacks (some a little more out of the box than others) to help you plan for your next weekend video game binge.

1. Cheetos (with chopsticks) 🥢

Cheetos are some of the tastiest snacks on the planet, but cheese powder fingers are every video gamer’s worst nightmare. If you’d rather avoid getting up to wash your hands every time you reach for more, you’ll likely pass on this cheesy snack. Unless… you use chopsticks! Chopsticks for Cheetos is one of my greatest revelations of the past year. Not only does this life hack keep your controller clean, but longer chopsticks can reach farther into the bag! You’re welcome. 💖

2. Assorted Fruit Cups 🍓

Mixed fruit cups are another amazing choice for video game snacking. They are an easy grab-and-go option from your local grocery store, and they are relatively controller-friendly. Sliced fruit is also the perfect healthy alternative for video gamers looking to decrease their sugar intake.

3. Bubble Tea ☕

The creamy sweetness of bubble tea pairs wonderfully with a cozy afternoon of video gaming. This comforting Taiwanese beverage typically comes in an adorable cup with a sealed lid (mess-free!) and a wealth of tasty tapioca pearls at the bottom. Bubble tea helps set the perfect mood for playing artful indie games such as Little Witch in the Woods.

4. Gummy Candy 🍬

Of course, we can’t talk about video game snacks without bringing up candy. Gummies can satisfy any sweet tooth without making controller or keyboard buttons sticky. Need to spice things up a bit? Try extreme sour flavors or gummies from other countries like Kasugai!

5. Pocky!

These cream-covered biscuits are the go-to snack for many video gamers. Pocky comes in many different flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, and green tea. They even have a convenient plain biscuit handle to keep your fingers clean! And if you want something a little different, I’d definitely recommend giving Hello Panda chocolate biscuits a try. 🐼

6. Donuts 🍩

Need to satisfy a massive sweet tooth during a morning video game session? Nothing quite pairs with a cup of cozy coffee like the sticky sweetness of a donut. 🤤 From toasty maple to the classic glaze, these delicious pastries are the perfect crave-curbing gaming snack.

7. Nooooodles 🍜

Nothing hits the spot quite like a warm cup of noodles on a cold afternoon. This college favorite is not only wallet-friendly but it’s super customizable. Get creative with fresh green onions, sriracha or even bacon bits. You can even crack an egg on top for some extra protein! If you hate doing extra dishes and want something filling, Cup Noodles is easy to grab in-between game saves.

8. Pizza (hot or cold) 🍕

When you’re stomach is growling in between boss fights, there’s no time to cook a full-blown meal! [Queue the wonderful, cheesy invention that is pizza 🍕] This gamer favorite is not only easy to quickly pop in the oven (or order from your local pizzeria), but it’s even better cold!

9. Popcorn 🍿

I don’t know about you, but there’s always room in my cupboard for some rich, buttery popcorn. Whether you’re playing solo or hosting a game night with friends, popcorn is the perfect snack for those craving something salty. While not as controller-friendly as other snack options, I think we all make exceptions here. 😉

10. Anything Chocolate 🍫

Of course, it’s hard to beat a plate of quality chocolate after a long day at work or school. 🥰 The mixture of sharp cocoa and comforting sweetness helps spark endorphins and ease stress⁠. For many, it’s the ultimate comfort food!

What’s Your Favorite Gaming Snack? 💭

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