Lemon Cake Review: A Sweet, Diner Dash-like Bakery Game

Lemon Cake video game title screen.

Disclaimer:  As an Amazon Affiliate, I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. SOEDESCO also sent me this video game on the Nintendo Switch as a lovely gift for an honest review.

From the creators at SOEDESCO and Cozy Bee Games, cozy gamers can live their best lives in their own warm, welcoming bakery. Reminiscent of classic cafe manager mobile games, Lemon Cake takes a laid-back spin on a familiar game style. 

Lemon Cake kept me quite entertained with its adorable rag doll characters, enjoyable skill tree, and daily menu creation. A fairly simplistic and undemanding video game, Lemon Cake would be a great choice for anyone looking for a pleasant way to pass the time or rest a tired mind.

4 Reasons Why Lemon Cake Is Totally Worth It

There are a handful of reasons why I would recommend Lemon Cake to a fellow cozy gamer friend. From its sweet character design to its smooth menu system, it’s the perfect game for both new and veteran gamers alike. While those looking for fast-paced, high-stakes excitement might not find what they’re looking for, cozy gamers searching for stress-free, habitual gameplay will feel right at home. 

A screenshot of the Lemon Cake character creation menu offering customization options like skin tone, eye color, eyelashes, hairstyle, and more.

If Lemon Cake had to be compared to something, I would compare it to being safely wrapped in a toasty, colorful quilt. This indie game envelopes its players in a wholesome cafe manager simulation where you run a farm-to-table bakery and help the bakery’s resident ghost bring the abandoned (yet charming) shop back to life. 

But first, you need to create your character! You can cycle through a decent collection of hairstyles, clothing, and accessory options (with a couple to be unlocked later). I found the rag doll art style to be adorably cozy. 

2. Relax with simple, engaging game mechanics 

A screenshot of the Lemon Cake upgrade tree, including upgrade options for the Store, Kitchen, Greenhouse, and Bedroom.

Whether restocking the window with pastries or clearing finished plates, Lemon Cake keeps you busy with little therapeutic tasks. While your baked goods warm up in the oven, you can do a quick floor sweep, dust off your chickens, tend the garden, and more.

Much like Diner Dash, the more customers you serve–the more money you get to upgrade the bakery! You can purchase these upgrades at the end of each day. Also. You can customize your menu with baked goods needing different ingredients and baking times. 

3. Create a cheerful, relaxing atmosphere for your guests

A screenshot of the dining area in the Lemon Cake video game with two NPCs eating candy and reading a menu.

While very similar to other cafe managers, Lemon Cake stands out as a more relaxing alternative. Compared to the break-neck speed of similar games, the developers encourage you to deliver sugar pastries at a leisurely (but active) pace. With its calming background music and low-risk gameplay, you’ll find it easy to sit back and enjoy the cottagecore art style. 

The Lemon Cake video game Daily Report menu that shows total number of accomplishments including pastries baked, pasteries burned, and more.

Lemon Cake is playable on seven different platforms including: 

Playing on the Nintendo Switch was super fun, and I always love the portability. But Lemon Cake had lower graphics quality on my original Nintendo Switch than what I would’ve expected (unless plugged into a TV). While this wasn’t a dealbreaker necessarily, it did keep me tethered to my TV to enjoy the aesthetics. The OLED Nintendo Switch might have better graphics (from the looks of the reviews — it also might’ve been a setting on my console). But if you’d rather play it safe, PlayStation, Xbox, or Windows would be better options.


Altogether, this charming indie game is a great choice for any video gamer looking to take a quick mental break and bake some Lemon Cake. This game is easy to pick up and set down while offering an entertaining (but not excessive) amount of gameplay. It would be a great pick to pass the time during work breaks, flights, or road trips.

While the graphics took a small hit on my Nintendo Switch, it didn’t impede playability at all. And Lemon Cake is also available on a variety of different platforms. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck (and have a PC or Steam Deck), I’d recommend adding Lemon Cake to your Steam library next time it goes on sale. But if you’re a Nintendo Switch player — you could snag a physical copy on Amazon too!

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