11 Best Playlists for Late-Night Gaming

It’s eight o’clock on a Saturday morning, your favorite video game is launching, there’s the faint sound of birds chirping happily outside, and a cup of perfectly brewed coffee sits on the table in front of you. The only thing you need is the perfect music playlist for video gaming 🎡

I listen to music all the time, whether I’m cleaning, working or playing games 😊While most of my favorite video games to pair music with already come with their own gold-star soundtracks, it’s nice to mix it up a bit sometimes! I’ve found that the right playlist can help create an immersive experience, whether you’re helping the characters of Stardew Valley with their… somewhat concerning daily requests or mowing down enemies in Borderlands.

My Go-To Playlists for Video Gaming

There’s honestly nothing more relaxing than the perfect music pairing with your favorite video game. More often than not, I find myself using either YouTube or Spotify to stream gaming music. So, the following list is a handy resource with all my personal favorite music playlists for video gaming weekends!

1. Coffee Talk (Original Soundtrack)

A relaxing combination of all background music found in the Coffee Talk video game. Perfect for early morning video gaming, paired with a nice cup of coffee.

🍷 Pairs well with:

  • Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
  • Stardew Valley
  • Cities: Skylines

2. Mikel Radio

An amazing playlist highlighting remixes and originals of some of the most classic video game mantras including Zelda, Mario, and Hollow Knight.

🍷 Pairs well with:

  • Among Us
  • Atelier Ryza
  • Animal Crossing

3. Chilled Cow LoFi Hip Hop Radio

The best choice for those looking to sit back, relax and enjoy the hip hopping beats. This live YouTube gaming music playlist is one of my favorites for not only casual gaming but studying as well.

🍷 Pairs well with:

  • Sims 3 & 4
  • Minecraft
  • Civilization V

4. Zelda & Chill

Sitting in your office cubicle and can’t stop thinking about when you’re going to play Breath of the Wild next? The Zelda & Chill playlist, conveniently on both YouTube and Spotify, is almost as good as playing the actual game!

🍷 Pairs well with:

  • Ocarina of Time
  • Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim
  • Octopath Traveler

5. Gaming Music 2020

Looking for gaming music playlist with a bit more kick? While a little on the shorter side, this gaming playlist will get you through boss fights, PvP, and more combat driven video games.

🍷 Pairs well with:

  • Cyberpunk
  • Borderlands
  • World of Warcraft (boss battles)

6. Gaming Background Music

This gaming music playlist is another wonderful choice for those who prefer purely instrumental lofi music, sprinkled with game-inspired titles every now and again.

🍷 Pairs well with:

  • Terraria
  • Spore
  • No Man’s Sky

7. Best Music Mix by Roy Knox and Friends

For the peoples out there will an affinity for video games and bumpin’ EDM (myself included), then this gaming playlist is definitely a must-listen.

🍷 Pairs well with:

  • Mario Cart
  • Soul Caliber
  • Forza Horizon 4

8. Skyrim – Music & Ambience – Rainy Day [10 Hours]

The Skyrim – Music & Ambience – Rainy Day playlist gives you 10 straight hours of beautiful ambience and relaxing instrumental music to submerge you into the lush environment of Skyrim. If petrichor had a musical equivalent, it would be found in Skyrim.

🍷 Pairs well with:

  • Medieval Dynasty
  • Rust
  • Valheim

9. Relaxing Video Game Music in a Cozy Room (Nintendo 64)

This gaming playlist is 2 hours of wonderful nostalgia (especially if your first console was a Nintendo 64). Pulling popular music from classics Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64 and Pokemon Snap, this relaxing video game music is perfect for those who love to listen to pixel-perfect sounds (especially when you’re at work and all you want to do is play video games, aka me everyday).

🍷 Pairs well with:

  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  • Harvest Moon
  • Super Mario Odessy (or literally any Mario game ever)

10. Star Wars Lofi HipHop

This Star Wars infused music playlist is perfect to listen to whether you’re playing video games on a raining Sunday morning or working your desk job–waiting for your next chance to clash lightsabers and save the universe! It’s low-key melodies are the perfect pairing with any laid-back or explorative Sci-Fi video game. I recommend listening to this playlist on shuffle.

*Fun fact: Spotify on desktop has a Star Wars easter egg that changes your music progress bar into a light saber!

🍷 Paris well with:

  • Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Astroneer
  • Eve Online

11. ‘Back To The 80’s’ | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Music Mix for 1 Hour | Vol. 16

Perfect for cyberpunk-style video gaming sessions, this music playlist is provides a full hour of 80s inspired synthwave. This darker, more serious mix makes it great as background music for science fiction video games with more ominous undertones.

🍷 Pairs well with:

  • Cyberpunk
  • Cloud Punk
  • N1RV ANN-A


Of course, these are only a few out of the innumerable music playlists for gaming. From peppy beats to more coffee shop lofi vibes, all these playlists are my personal favorites for not only gaming, but also studying, cleaning up the house or knocking out some tasks at work 🎧 What music do you usually listen to when you play video games? Let me know in the comments below!

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